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NOTE: Don't get caught out with the wrong credit card at Tokyo Disney . . . .

Tokyo Disneyland first opened to the public at Urayasu, just outside Tokyo on 15th April 1983, twelve years after The Magic Kingdom opened at Walt Disney World, and twenty eight years after the original Magic Kingdom theme park opened at Disneyland in Anaheim California.

After the considerable success of Disneyland, and later the Walt Disney World resort in Florida, The Disney Company were approached by various countries, all eager to share in the tourist industry the Disney theme parks sparked.

In Japan, The Oriental Land Company owned a sufficiently large enough parcel of land that had been reclaimed from Tokyo Bay, which was to be used for recreational purposes. The area also satisfied the other key requirement for Disney, in that it had a large local population within a 30 mile radius.

The Japanese were frequent visitors to Disneyland, and subsequently to Walt Disney World, and so it was decided that it would make an ideal location for a third Disney theme park, which would be built along the same lines as the previous two existing Disney theme parks, rather than building a park with a distinct Oriental theme.

The weather in the Tokyo Bay area however is far more changable than in Anaheim or Orlando, so the Disney Imagineers planned a glass-roofed World Bazaar area instead of the usual Main Street to greet visitors when they first entered the new park. The attractions were also designed with more covered areas than at the other Disney parks.

One of the unique things about Tokyo Disneyland is that the various lands are not accessed by the central hub, but instead by a series of paths that branch off of the Main Street.

The one main concession to the fact that it was Disney's first major theme park outside of the USA is the "Meet the World" attraction, that uses Audio Animatronics to deal with Japanese History.

The now standard attractions of Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, Star Tours, and Splash Mountain have all been added to the park since it was initially opened, and as a result Tokyo Disneyland regularly attracts more than 10 million guests each year.

Tickets for the park can be bought from several locations, but are probably best bought at the main park entrance.

Unlike the original Disneyland in Anaheim, and later Walt Disney World in Florida, Tokyo Disneyland doesn't have it's own Monorail system, however if monorail rumours are to be believed this may soon change.

The full address for the Tokyo Disneyland theme park is:

Tokyo Disneyland Park
1-1, Maihama,
Chiba 279,
Ttel: 047(354)0001



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