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Florida USA

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Why Visit Florida ?

Last revised May 24, 2003.
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Whatever your interests, from music to painting, porcelain to archeology, thrill rides to outer space, Florida holds something for everyone, whether you want to just laze around on unspoilt beaches soaking up the sun, visit the home of American space flight, take a safari through the Florida Everglades, or just while away the days in Florida's many excellent theme parks.

The State of Florida has a land mass of 58,560 square miles, making it larger than England, yet no part of the state is more than an hour and a half's drive from the ocean. The climate will also be attractive to most UK residents, being considerably warmer than the UK.

Orlando in central Florida is a vibrant community with countless parks, tennis courts, and golf courses, which has been settled for more than a century, and is the closest major city to the Walt Disney World Resort. But don't think that WDW and the Orlando area is all that Florida has to offer. There are countless other attractions including:

Tallahassee in north-west Florida is the state capital, and is one of Florida's most historic cities, yet being far from the theme parks is often overlooked by tourists. St. Augustine in north-east Florida has been settled since 1565 though the first known landing was in 1513, making it America's oldest city, and it is very proud of it's 400 year history, The Tampa Bay area along Florida's west coast is Florida's fastest growing area, with 28 miles of beaches stretching along the gentle coast of the Gulf of Mexico

Miami and Miami Beach on Florida's south eastern coast is a large sprawling city with a vibrant night-life, but with a reputation as an extremely violent city, though in truth it is probably no more dangerous than some of the English cities at night.

Palm Beach, also on the south eastern coast is an exclusive land of mansions, expensive cars, and large society balls, but it is also a very reserved quiet area of Florida, which takes it's noise laws very seriously indeed. It is also one of the few places in the world where loggerhead, leatherback, and green sea-turtles come ashore on one selected beach to nest.

The Florida Keys at the southern tip of Florida are a long string of small islands (or Keys) stretching from Key-West at the southern most point at "MileMarker 0", to Key Largo in the north at "MileMarker 108". The Keys are a renound area for Dolphin encounters, especially around the Marathon Dolphin Sanctuary at Marathon Key (Mile marker 59).

Much of southern Florida (almost a million and a half acres) is contained within the The Florida Everglades National Park , a vast swath of grass-covered surface water that extends for about 60 miles wide by 120 miles long, and home to a vast quantity of Florida wildlife, including the Alligator!



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