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World Bazaar

Last revised 07-Mar-2000.
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Passing through the Main Entrance, guests leave the everyday world behind as Mickey Mouse and other popular Disney characters welcome them to the Park. Guests find themselves in World Bazaar, where shops, restaurants, a cinema, and even a bank recall a small American town in the early 1900's. An entertainer plays ragtime on his bicycle piano, while a balloon vendor offers brightly colored balloons. Guests can stroll the streets in World Bazaar even in the rain thanks to the lovely glass canopy overhead.


World Bazaar Attractions
Main Street Cinema
Penny arcade
The Disney Gallery
Main Street Transportation


World Bazaar Shops
Movie Premiere Showcase
The Disney Collection
Camera Center
Candy Wagon
Main Street Daily
Towne Clothiers
The Toy Kingdom
New Century Clock Shop
Pastry Palace
The Storybook Store
Uptown Boutique
Mickey's Moderne Memories
The Bebop Hop
Magic Shop
House of Greetings
Victoria's Jewelry Box
Silhouette Studio
Disney & Co
The Home Store
Phantastick's Wagon


World Bazaar Restaurants
Eastside Cafe
Center Street Coffeehouse
Restaurant Hokusai
Ice Cream Cones
Sweetheart Cafe
Refreshment Corner
Great American Waffle Company




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