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Last revised March 24, 2000.
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Information current as of April 1999.

Individual Tickets

Type of Ticket Prices in Yen Description
TOKYO DISNEYLAND PASSPORT 5,200 4,590 3,570 An all-inclusive ticket good for general admission and use of all attractions (except Shootin' Gallery)
2-DAY PASSPORT 9,070 8,050 6,420 Valid for 2 days. Available at the Official Hotels (only for hotel guests) and designated travel agencies.
SENIOR PASSPORT 4,490 - - A Tokyo Disneyland Passport for guests age 60 and over
4,180 3,670 2,850 A Tokyo Disneyland Passport good on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays (from November 4 to December 24, 1999) for admission to the Park from 5:00 p.m.
AFTER 6 PASSPORT 2,800 Valid on weeknights (from November 4 to December 24, 1999, excluding holidays and December 17.) for admission to the Park from 6:00 p.m. and unlimited use of all operating attractions (except the Shootin' Gallery).
GENERAL ADMISSION 3,670 3,260 2,550 Admission to Tokyo Disneyland and all free shows and entertainment.
Children three years and under are admitted free.

Group Tickets

A special reduced price is available for groups with the following conditions.

General Groups
  1. Each group must have at least 25 members.
  2. Entire group must purchase tickets for the same date.
  3. Available every day except summer holidays and other specially designated days.
Type of Ticket Prices in Yen
Adult Junior Child

School Groups
  1. Groups of at least 25 pupils or students must be on offcial school excursions approved by the school principal and accompanied by teachers.
  2. An application form for the school rate must be submitted 15 days prior to the day of visit.
Type of Ticket Adult Junior Child Description
College students and accompanying adults Junior high and high school students pupils
School Special Passport 3,380 2,990 2,320 An all-inclusive ticket good for general admission and use of all attractions (except Shootin' Gallery)
School Special Admission 2,390 2,120 1,660 Admission and all free shows and entertainment
Children three years and under are admitted free

List of Attractions by Type of Ticket

A ticket
(200 yen)
Fire Engine
Horseless Carriage
TOONTOWN Jolly Trolley
B ticket
(300 yen)
WESTERNLAND Tom Sawyer Island Rafts
Westernland Shootin' Gallery
FANTASYLAND Dumbo The Flying Elephant
C ticket
(400 yen)
ADVENTURELAND Swiss Family Treehouse
CRITTER COUNTRY Beaver Brothers Explorer Canoes
FANTASYLAND Peter Pan's Flight
Snow White's Adventures
Pinocchio's Daring Journey
Cinderella's Golden Carrousel
Grand Circuit Raceway
D ticket
(500 yen)
ADVENTURELAND Western River Railroad
The Enchanted Tiki Room
WESTERNLAND Country Bear Theater
FANTASYLAND Cinderella Castle Mystery Tour
The Mickey Mouse Revue
TOONTOWN Gadget's Go Coaster
Roger Rabbit's Car Toon Spin
E ticket
(600 yen)
ADVENTURELAND Pirates of the Caribbean
Jungle Cruise
WESTERNLAND Mark Twain Riverboat
Big Thunder Mountain
FANTASYLAND Haunted Mansion
It's A Small World
Star Tours
5 Attractions
2,100 yen
A book of tickets good for any five attractions
  • Complimentary admission to The Disney Gallery in World Bazaar, Meet the World in Tomorrowland, and Toontown attractions other than those noted above.
  • Prices subject to change without notice

Other Fees

Guided Tour Ticket

Guided tour of all seven themed lands.
(Approximately 2 and half hours. Entry to attractions not included.)

One person (adult, junior or child) 600 yen

800 yen
(includes 300 yen deposit)
500 yen
(includes 200 yen deposit )
Storage Lockers extra large 600 yen
large 500 yen
middle 400 yen
small 300 yen
Pet Club 2,500 yen

Parking Fees
Type of Vehicle Fee
Passenger cars 1,700 yen per visit
Buses 4,000 yen per visit
Motorcycles (over 50 cc) 400 yen per visit



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