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Tokyo Disneyland Monorail

Last revised March 24, 2000.
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Planned monorail carriage for Tokyo DisneylandIf the current plans come to fruition, Tokyo Disneyland will be the third Disney resort to feature a monorail transit system, but it will be unlike the current monorails operating at Disneyland and Walt Disney World.

For a start, the planned monorail vehicles for Tokyo Disneyland are far bigger, with guests being able to move between "carriages" while the vehicle is in motion. The increased size, compare to the monorails operating at other Disney properties is required for the monorail to conform to the transit standards of the Japanese Monorail Association.

The carriages are supposed to contain "Mickey-shaped" rings for guests to hang onto if standing, along with Mickey shaped windows as well.

It is believed that the driving force for the Tokyo Disneyland monorail doesn't come from within Disney, but from Tokyo Disneyland's owner, the Oriental Land Company, Ltd.

The monorail planned will encircle both the current Tokyo Disneyland theme park, and the new Disney Seas theme park which is currently under construction, and scheduled for completion during 2001. This entails an overall distance of approximately 5km.



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