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Disneyland Paris

At A Glance

Disneyland Paris, originally named EuroDisney, covers 138 acres, and is built in keeping with the other Disney parks, along the Magic Kingdom theme. Visitors to Disneyland in Anaheim, Walt Disney World, or Tokyo Disney will be familiar with the layout of the park, although perhaps not so familiar with the weather which is quite a lot cooler than at its Californian and Floridian counterparts.

Many of the attractions at Disneyland Paris are refined versions of those appearing at the earlier parks, and most run a little faster (Space Mountain for example, and the Rock 'n' Roller Coaster).

The park also features some rides that haven't yet made it over to Walt Disney World, such as Indiana Jones and the Temple of Peril, although it's likely that the ride mechanism will soon be appearing in Florida under the guise of another named attraction.

One noticable difference between the American and European versions of the parks is in the selection and naming of the rides for each area of the park. Although each park pretty much shares the same layout and key areas (Adventureland, Frontierland etc), the attractions at the European park are more closely aligned with European literature and films. For example, Space Mountain has been renamed De la Terre la Lune ("From the Earth to the Moon") - the title of the Jules Verne book, and Cinderellas Golden Carousel at WDW appears at Disneyland Paris as Lancelot's Merry-Go Round.

Theme Park Attractions

The Attractions section contains information about all of the major attractions at the Disneyland Paris resort, categorised by themed area: [Adventureland] [Discoveryland] [Fantasyland] [Frontierland] [Main Street USA] or the newer Walt Disney Studios park Frontlot, Backlot, Animation Courtyard or Production Courtyard.

Theme Park Hotels

The Hotels section contains information about the Disney owned and operated hotels located within the Disneyland Paris complex.


Directions to Disneyland Paris from the UK, Contact Information for reservations, Languages used within the Disneyland Paris resort complex, Ticket Information, and information about the Promenade Disney, information for guests with Special Needs, where to apply to Work at Disneyland Paris.

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