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Critter Country

Last revised 07-Mar-2000.
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This is a land of "critters", or small animals, inspired by the Disney film, Song of the South. The critters have built fanciful, little homes throughout the area. You can see their homes on the banks of the Rivers of America and on the slopes of Splash Mountain. The heart of Critter Country is this exciting attraction, a thrilling flume ride through backwood bayous and swamps that culminates in a white-knuckle, five-story plunge down the mountain into a briar-filled pond.

Critter Country Attractions
Splash Mountain
Beaver Brothers Canoes


Critter Country Shops
Hoot n Holler Hideout
Splashdown Photos


Critter Country Restaurants
Grandma Sara's Kitchen
Rackety's Raccoon Saloon



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