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Villas at the Disney Institute

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At A Glance


April 2002

The Villas at the Disney Institute are currently closed while the resort undergoes renovations. The resort is expected to open in 2004 as a new Disney Vacation Club resort.


The Villas at the Disney Institute used to be called Disney's Village Resort. At one time, Disney had contemplated building it's own town with houses for sale. Many of these buildings were the first phase of that facility, but it was never implemented in it's original form. Instead, these rooms, villas, townhouses, and grand villas have been available for daily rent for several years. (Note: Celebration, a new permanent ownership town, is Disney's newest incarnation of this idea.)

The Disney Institute is the result of many, many guests over the years asking for more detailed information about Walt Disney World and how it operates. The Institute provides a hands-on learning vacation program designed for the hyper-yuppie that needs more touchie-feelie time than can be had participating in the passive activities of the theme parks.

The accommodations themselves are available for rent even if you aren't participating in Disney Institute programs. The best way to describe the theme of the facility is "New England prep school ala Florida". The accommodations themselves quiet, out-of-the-way, and larger than most. For family reunions, and other such large gatherings of people, the villas would be a good choice. The Institute programs themselves have proven to be a wonderful change from the typical vacation.


There are various styles of rooms at the Disney Institute.

The treehouses rooms are picturesque and quaint-looking, especially in their woody surroundings. They are also relatively secluded from each other, though the houses near the edges of the Sassagoula River are frequently passed by the river transportation from Dixie Landings / Port Orleans to Downtown Disney, so could be more noisy than others.

Food and Drink

The Seasons restaurant offers regular sit down meals. Otherwise, the Village Marketplace has the closest alternatives. Olivia's, at the Old Key West Resort, the Boatwright's Dining Hall at Dixie Landings, and Bonfamilles at Port Orleans aren't too far away, either.


If you're staying at the Disney Institute for the programs themselves, there are plenty of options to keep you busy. Approximately eighty different programs are available to choose from including culinary arts, animation, imagineering, landscaping, storytelling, and many others.

If you're stay at this facility merely because the villas are good sized (but otherwise are having a traditional WDW vacation), your activities include bicycling, a wonderful fitness facility, gameroom, golf, volleyball, swimming pools, and tennis.


Golfing Carts can be rented at the resort for around $35 per day, and all rooms have parking spaces nearby for them.

Guest Services

Disney Transportation

All locations within WDW are serviced by Disney's internal bus transportation although there seem to be less bus visits to the Disney Institute than to many of the other resorts.

The Treehouses, Grand Villas, Townhouses, and Bungalows all share a bus route. There are 8 stops in total; the first of which are at the Treehouses.


Attraction Details