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Splendid China

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At A Glance Far East themed park. No thrill rides, but plenty of accurate miniature scale models of chinese sights. Opening hours from 09:30 AM, closing varies by season. Admission is charged. Time required - half to 1 Day

Splendid China Logo

Splendid China is a Far East themed park featuring scale models of buildings, monuments, and statues found in Asia encompassing over 5,000 years of Far Eastern heritage. In total there are more than 60 authentic replicas and exhibt contained within a 76 acre area, mostly built by 120 artisans brought in from China specifically to build the park's models using architectural techniques and hand crafting methods dating back to the 14th century when many of the original artifacts were constructed.

The centerpiece, if any one item can be considered such, is a half-mile long replica of part of the Great Wall of China, accurate in every detail, even down to the fact that it is built from over 6.5 million individual bricks all of which were hand-laid for the project. There's a 4-story high reproduction of the famous Leshan Buddah (the original is over 235 feet tall), and a re-creation of the 'Wind and Rain Bridge.

The first thing encountered on entering Splendid China is a replica of the central marketplace and streets of a chinese city, Suzhou Gardens, featuring authentic shops filled with oriental products, a range of excellent restaurants, and performances and demonstrations of Asian music, dancing, and martial arts.

As well as the replica of the Great Wall, the Wind and Rain bridge and the Leshan Buddah, other attractions within Splendid China include a replica of the Forbidden City where Chinese rulers lived within the imperial walls, The maze of the Stone Forest, and the Terra Cotta warriors exhibit features individually sculpted warriors guarding the tomb of the Qinshijuang Emperor.

Splendid China even features the majesty of the Potala Palace, home of the Dali Lama. Personally I find it somewhat distasteful and hypocrytical, that a park dedicated to the celebration of Chinese heritage should feature an exhibit about the Dali Lama since the real Dali Lama is living in exile unable to return to his homeland as a result of the opressive Chinese regime that has overrun and "annexed" Tibet, outlawing the Tibetan religion. But that's just me personal point of view....

Directions to Splendid China

Splendid China is located near Orlando's main tourist centers on U.S. 192, approximately 2 miles west of Walt Disney World's main entrance. It is best approached from the I-4 by taking exit 25B.

The address is 3000 Spledid China Boulevard, Kissimmee, Florida 34747.

Tel: (407) 396-7111 or US Toll-Free 1-800-244-6226.



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