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At A Glance Sea World of Orlando received 5.1 Million visitors in 1996.
Orlando area Marine theme Park containing various wildlife including Dolphins, Orca, Sealions etc. Car parking charged (5USD), Entrance fee includes all attractions except SkyTower. Food/Refreshments extra.
Time required - 1 Day

Seaworld of Florida is owned and run by the Anheuser-Busch company, located at Orlando just off International Drive it is home to a large number of marine animals, most of whom are on display to the public, either in themed walk-through areas, or in stadium areas. Shamu Stadium

The Shamu Stadium is home to the spectacular Shamu Orca / Killer Whale show, held throughout the day, and also to the Shamu Night Magic show held prior to the park's closure each evening. Avoid the first 14 seated rows of the stadium if you're taking a camera or camcorder unless they're waterproof!

The Whale and Dolphin Stadium holds regular Dolphin shows, whilst the endangered native Floridian Manatee can be seen in "Manatees: The Last Generation?".

BayWatch at SeaWorld can be seen on the large central lake at various times, and the Mermaids, Myths and Monsters night show featuring spectacular fireworks and laser show including back-projected images onto a huge fountain can also be seen on the same lake prior to the park's closure each evening.

Key West at SeaWorld is a relatively new area, featuring a large Dolphin Pool, in which visitors can feed and interact with the Dolphins. An underwater viewing area has also been incorporated in order to allow visitors to view the Dolphins at close quarters.

One of the world's largest man-made Tropical Reef featuring tropical fish and corals of all types, allows you to walk around and see tropical fish in their native environment, or you can experience the Shark Encounter, a clear plastic tunnel which you travel through as sharks from the shark aquarium swim all around.

The Sea Lion and Otter Stadium puts on a regular show throughout the day, featuring Clyde and Seymour as staff in a themed Hotel complex, whilst various Arctic creatures can be seen at Wild Arctic, which also features the excellent Wild Arctic helicopter simulation ride.

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