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At A Glance Busch Gardens received 4.2 Million visitors in 1996.
Tampa Bay area theme Park containing various themed areas with some of the biggest thrill rides in Florida, along with other entertainment, wildlife and shopping. Car parking charged (under 10USD), Entrance fee includes all rides and attractions. Food/Refreshments extra. Some rides carry min/max height restrictions. Time required - 1 Day

Busch Gardens is owned and run by the Anheuser-Busch company, and is located at Tampa Bay in Florida, approximately an hour's drive from Orlando.

The Busch Gardens park is themed in nine exotic areas, each of which has it's own dining and refreshemnt area, along with it's own entertainment, including animals, exhibits and some of the biggest thrill-rides in Florida, as well as rides for younger children and/or the less adventurous.

Egypt is the most recent addition to Busch Gardens, whose centerpiece is the awesome "Montu", which claims to be the tallest and longest inverted roller coaster in the world. Egypt also houses a realistic walk-through replica of the Tomb of King Tutankhamen.

The Congo area is home to "The Kumba", the largest and fastest roller coaster in the southeastern United States, reaching speeds in excess of 60mph. The Congo River Rapids is a fairly gentle white water raft ride, though there's a very good chance of getting wet thanks to the Congo Water-Blasters. For 25c you can take control of a Water-Blaster yourself and get your own back though. Get Wet

The Stanley Falls Log Flume, and Tanganyika Tidal-Wave ride are both water rides in the Stanleyville area. Guests riding the Tidal-Wave should be prepared to get very wet indeed (see the picture). The Tidal-Wave also featires a walk-over bridge just at the bottom of the water splash area, part of which is encased in perspex, which allows some very good photo opportunities without risking getting the camera/camcorder wet (the picture to the right was taken from within this area).

Other thrill rides at Busch Gardens include the "Questor" simulator ride, The Scorpion and Python roller coasters, and The Phoenix - a looping Egyptian cargo vessel.

Other attractions include a train or monorail journey through the Serengeti Plain, a wildlife-safari park area including Lions, Rhino, Zebra, Camels, Hippo, Buffalo, Giraffes, Gazelles and various Apes amongst other animals. Various shows are put on throughout the day, especially at the Moroccan Palace Theatre, Marrakesh Theatre and the Tangiers Theatre, though costumed characters appear throughout the park at various times.

There are also some unique shopping opportunities at Busch Gardens, particularly in the Egypt, Morocco, Timbuktu and Stanleyville areas, though each themed area has it's own unique brand of shops.



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