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Kennedy Space Center

Last revised March 23, 2000.
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Shuttle Launch Car Passes

Car passes allow visitors to drive their vehicles within the restricted perimeter of Kennedy Space Center to a launch viewing site located on the NASA Causeway. This viewing area is about six miles (10 kilometers) from the launch pads and is the closest viewing area available to the general public. There is no charge for a car pass.

A car pass must be reserved in advance and is issued based on availability. Requests are welcome from visitors to the area regardless of national origin, and only one pass per vehicle is required. Some handicapped parking is available for holders of handicapped parking permits. If you need handicapped parking, please mention this requirement on your car pass request. If you are driving a camper or recreational vehicle, indicate on your postcard that you will need a pass for an oversized vehicle.

To request a car pass, send a postcard with your name, address, and the mission number of the launch you wish to see to: Car Passes, PA-PASS, Kennedy Space Center, Florida 32899.

Once your request arrives you will be mailed to advise you of the status of your request. If you are to be a recipient, the car pass will be mailed to you approximately three weeks before the mission's launch.

Directions from Orlando to KSC

Map From Orlando International Airport to Kennedy Space Center

Map From Orlando International Airport to Kennedy Space Center

From Orlando International, exit the north exit to 528 East (the Beeline). Take the Beeline east past two tolls ($1.00 and $0.25) to a left exit labelled "407, Titusville, Kennedy Space Center". Take 407 until it ends at 405.

Turn right onto 405 and proceed east. After approximately 1 mile you will see a Redstone rocket on your right -- this is the KSC Badge and Identification Building and the entrance to Kennedy Space Center.

If you arrive at any time past six hours before a launch, you will find a guard stationed at the gate (known as Gate #3) just past this site. If you do not have a car pass or other valid access authorization, you will not be allowed to enter the Space Center. If you are allowed to enter or this gate is not manned, continue past this building, over a draw bridge and continue east.

In a few minutes, you will see the KSC Visitor Complex on your right. This is where bus tickets for launch viewing can be purchased and where tours, food, exhibits, movies, space-related memorabilia and other merchandise can be purchased after a launch or on non-launch days.

If you have a car pass, continue straight ahead to the launch viewing site which is located on the Kennedy Space Center overlooking the Banana River.



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