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Splash Mountain

Last revised March 31, 2000.
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At A Glance Excellent Log-Flume style ride, and nowadays one of the Disney classics, themed with characters from Disney's 1946 film Song of the South.
Ticket E
Duration 10 minutes.
Restrictions Minimum age (2 years) and height restriction. Guests with heart, back or neck problems advised against riding.
Sponsor Nissan Motor Co Ltd.
Capacity 8 guests per boat.

Splash MountainSplash Mountain is now one of Disney's classic theme park rides, and is present in all of the Magic-Kingdom style parks with the exception of Disneyland Paris.


During the ride, which starts sedately enough, guests follow the antics of Brer Rabbit on a hair-raising flume adventure with the steepest, highest, wettest drop ever! (Ok so this is only really in the context of the Tokyo Park).


A hidden camera inside the mountain just after the point where the ride-log starts to plunge into the Briar Patch takes pictures of every guest on the ride, with prints being available for purchase shortly after the ride finishes at the Splashdown Photos booth.


Overall it's an excellent attraction, and one that guests really should try to ride, despite the fact that contrary to the advertising it's not the steepest, highest or wettest drop flume around, it's certainly the steepest, wettest and longest in the Tokyo theme park.





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