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Sites by Solarius

Main Street USA

Main Street USA - Click for a larger imageMain Street USA is the first section of the theme park a guest encounters after first entering the park through the railroad station, and it's designed to evoke the sights and sounds of a turn of the (20th) century small American town that probably never was.

Antequated vehicles, both horse drawn and mechanical ply the street between the town square and the central plaza at the foot of Sleeping Beauty's Castle, while quaint stores line the street on both sides.

Main Street USA is principally a shopping area, and doesn't have that many 'Attractions' other than stores, when compared to other areas of the park, however there are always things happening on Main Street, with varoius impromptu shows put on by cast members, and it's always a good place to catch the various Disney characters for an autograph and photo opportunity.

Visitors to both Walt Disney World and Disneyland Paris will notice that Main Street USA at Disneyland Paris feels noticably shorter than its Floridian counterpart. I'm not completely sure if there actually is a difference or not, but it certainly feels as though the Disneyland Paris version is the shorter of the two.

Main Street Attractions
City Hall
Disneyland Railroad Main Street Station
Liberty Arcade & Tableau
Discovery Arcade
Main Street Vehicles
Ribbons and Bows Hat Shop
Storybook Store
The Emporium
Town Square Photography
Boardwalk Candy Palace
Disney Clothiers Ltd
Main Street Motors
Harrington's Fine China and Porcelains
Disneyania Collectibles
Harmony Barber Shop
Disney and Co
Central Plaza
Main Street Electrical Parade
Tinkerbell's Fantasy in the Sky Fireworks
Sleeping Beauty's Castle

Main Street Restaurants
Walt's -- An American Restaurant
Plaza Gardens Restaurant
Market House Deli
Casey's Corner
Victoria's Home-Style Restaurant
The Coffee Grinder
The Ice Cream Company
Cookie Kitchen / Cable Car Bake Shop
The Gibson Girl Ice Cream Parlour

Miscellaneous Main Street Buildings and Services
Babycare / Lost Children Centre
Strollers and Wheelchair Hire
Locker Rentals



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