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Grand Canyon Diorama

© 1999. Last revised 06/Apr/1999.

The Grand Canyon Diorama was added to the Disneyland theme park in 1958. The diorama, which is painted onto a 306 foot long and 34 foot high seamless handwoven canvas, presents a pictorial view of the scenery, animals, fauna and foliage of the American Grand Canyon.

Within the diorama it's possible to find deep, a mountain lion, porcupines, skunks, a golden eagle, wild turkeys and plenty of sheep, surrounded by aspens and pine. Unusually within the 306 foot span the scenery changes from snow through a storm (complete with rainbow), a sunset, and baking desert.

Musically the short railroad trip through the diorama is acompanied by a section from Ferde Grofe's Grand Canyon Suite (For those interested it's part of the "On the Trail" section.

As with the later Disneyland Paris exhibit the Grand Canyon Diorama is only visible to guests from the Disneyland Railroad, and can't be seen from within the rest of the theme park.


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