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Adventureland is one of the original areas of Disneyland, and is probably best known for the Jungle Cruise attraction, which takes up most of its space. The land itself was originally suggested by Walt Disney's "True Life Adventure" series. Of all the areas of Disneyland, it's probably the one that has changed the least over the years, although this has started to change a little with the rennovation and refurbishment of the Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse, into the new Tarzan's Treehouse..


Adventureland Attractions
Enchanted Tiki Room
Jungle Cruise
Tarzan's Treehouse
Swiss Family Treehouse
Indiana Jones Adventure: Temple of the Forbidden Eye


Adventureland Shops
Adventureland Bazaar
South Seas Traders
Tropical Imports
Indiana Jones Adventure Outpost


Adventureland Restaurants
Bengal Barbecue
Indy Fruit Cart
Tiki Juice Bar



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