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Disneyland Railroad

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The Disneyland Railroad that encircles the Disneyland park is a narrow-gauge railway featuring four steam trains with various stops on the route.

All four of the locomotives are steam powered, fired by oil-fueled boilers. Two of the engines were built specially for use within the theme park, but two were bought in and restored before being put to work hauling guests around the theme park.

All in all the complete round trip on the Disneyland Railroad takes approximately 20 minutes, with stops at Main Street USA, New Orleans Square, Mickey's Toontown and Tomorrowland (New Tomorrowland). Guests can get on or off at any of the stations (remembering that as with virtually all attractions within the theme park there's no charge). Generally queues for the railroad tend to be shorter at the Main Street station than at the others, but there's not much in it so the best advice for a round trip is just to join whichever queue you think is acceptible as you pass it.

Hidden from all but riders on the railroad are the Grand Canyon Diorama and the Primeval World Diorama. The 306 foot long Grand Canyon Diorama was added to the park in 1958 three years after the park opened. Adjacent to the Grand Canyon Diorama, the Primeval World Diorama was added in 1966, inspired partly by Disney's 1940 Fantasia.



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