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Tarzan™'s Treehouse

© 1999. Last revised 10/August/1999.

Tarzan™'s Treehouse is a rennovation, and reworking of the earlier Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse whic originally opened in 1962. The rennovation was part of the marketing and merchandising for the 1999 release of the Tarzan animated movie.

Botanically classified as a "Disneyodendron semperflorens grandis," the Disney-created tree is a 150-ton structure anchored by massive roots reaching 42 feet into the ground.

For its reintroduction as Tarzan's home, 10 feet were added to the tree. The 450 branches were redressed with nearly 6,000 lacy leaves, then draped with moss and covered with jungle vines to make it feel like the rightful home to the "Lord of the Apes."

The treehouse features a rope suspension bridge leading to the tree itself, in which Kids can play around in an interactive play area filled with shipwreck toys.

Live animals and characters from the new Disney film "Tarzan®" occasionally appear in and around the area of the tree for character greeting and photo opportunities with guests.



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