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Last revised March 24, 2000.
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At A Glance Relatively slow boat ride through various pirate scenes, with one or two suprises.
Ticket E
Duration 10 ½ minutes.
Restrictions No flash photography
Sponsor Kirin Brewery Co Ltd
Capacity 20 people per boat max.

Pirates of the CaribbeanPirates of the Caribbean is another classic Disney theme park attraction, which is present in one form or another at each of the Disney theme parks. In the attraction guests take a reasonably slow boat-style ride through a large building with each 'room' depicting some form of piratical activity from boarding a boat, through looting, burning a town, and eventually emprisonment.

The ride usually generates fairly long queues, although with each boat seating up to 20 people, and boats constantly arriving at the loading area the queue moves quickly, so a long queue doesn't usually mean a particularly long wait.


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