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Last revised March 24, 2000.
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At A Glance Relatively slow guided boat ride through various jungle-themed areas, featuring excellent theming, Audio Animatrinic animals, and one or two mild surprises.
Ticket E
Duration 9 minutes.
Restrictions N/A
Sponsor Nippon Mitsubishi Oil Corporation
Capacity 32 people per boat max.

The Jungle CruiseThe Jungle Cruise in Adventureland lasts for 9 minutes, and offers guests the ability to venture deep into mysterious, danger-filled jungles and experience the perils of the wild, even if it is via Disney's Audio Animatronic animals.

Despite its age, the Jungle Cruise is always a relatively popular attraction at each Disney park it occupies, however each boat carries up to 32 people, and there are plenty of boats constantly moving through the attraction, so a long queue doesn't always mean a long wait.

The ride is sponsored by the Nippon Mitsubishi Oil Corporation.


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