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Haunted Mansion

Last revised 07-Mar-2000.

At A Glance Excellent haunted house attraction with several twists. Not to be missed!!
Ticket Type E
Duration Approximately 7 and a half minutes.
Restrictions No flash photography inside the attraction.
Sponsor SECOM CO Ltd
Capacity 3 guests per ride vehicle.

Haunted MansionAnother of Disney's perennial favourites, and again usually drawing big crowds and long queues, the Haunted Mansion is a very well themed eerie Gothic mansion with a twist, in which 999 ghostly inhabitants are "dying" to meet you.

After the initial entrance into the Haunted Mansion, and a well devised pre-show that leads guests into the heart of the attraction itself, guests board the ride vehicles that take them through the attraction.

On the way various theatrical techniques are used including holography, and the older "Vanishing Lady" trick to create some quite realistic, and at times startling effects.

Present in one form or another at each of the Magic Kingdom theme parks the Haunted Mansion is another attraction not to be missed.



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