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Alice's Tea Party

Last revised 07-Mar-2000.

At A Glance Classical themed fairground attraction, Waltzer styled but not nearly as fast.
Ticket Type B
Duration Approximately 90 seconds.
Restrictions None
Sponsor Mitsui Home Co Ltd
Capacity 4 guests per "cup", 2 wheelchairs in total per ride.

Alice's Tea Party, known as the Mad Hatter's Tea Party in Florida is a classic fairground styled ride, in which guests seated in oversize cups which are free to spin on their own axis, are also spun on a large platform around the centre of the ride.

Resembling a whimsical array of colorful cups and saucers in a fun-filled Wonderland it's another attraction that often generates long queues, but which result in a short delay because of the relatively short riide time, and high capacity of the ride.





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