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Main Street Opera House

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The Main Street Opera House houses the 15-minute film tribute to Walt Disney, known as the Walt Disney Story. The film is shown continuously, and features various pieces of footage taken of Walt and the Burbank Studio office that he used for 26 years.

Various items of Memorabelia are also housed within the Opera House, including his briefcase, models of his two personal planes (Mickey I and Mickey II) various letters from celebrities including several U.S. Presidents, and a few photographs of Walt and Lillian.

Great Moments with Mr Lincoln, also housed within the Opera House is an Audio Animatronic presentation by America's 16th president, Abraham Lincoln. The show starts with a brief slide-show about the Amercian Civil War, following which a Mr Lincoln appears on-stage sitting in a chair.

After a brief pause the seated Audio Animatronic figure stands up, and presents a discourse about freedom, liberty, the law, and the American ideals.

This is one of the classic Disney audio animatronic shows, and although the movements of the character by today's standards are a little "wooden" they are still realistic enough, and must have seemed incredible to the park guests when the attraction first opened.


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