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Sites by Solarius

United Kingdom

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At A Glance The United Kingdom is the tenth country in the clockwise tour around the World Showcase, in between France and Canada.

The United Kingdom is the tenth country in the clockwise tour around the World Showcase, in between France and Canada.

Overall this pavillion will be pretty disappointing to the majority of British visitors, and whilst it does have it's nice spots (mainly as a result of the friendly Cast Members that work there), overall it's probably best avoided, though this is a personal view. If you want to try a more authentic feeling British Pub, check out the Irish pub in Kissimmee on the 192 near the Travellodge Flags and large K-Mart store instead!

The United Kindgom is one of the smallest of the World Showcase pavillions, with very little to entertain visitors, and no major attraction. Unlike most of the other pavillions there's also no educational film on offer either.

My first impression of the pavillion was one of a traditionally styled pub (The Rose and Crown), a side street with a few shops, and nothing else. This is only a first impression however, and there is a little more to the pavillion than that hidden away, but not a whole lot more....

The pavillion theming doesn't concentrate on any one particular time period, and architecturally the pavillion is quite a mish-mash of styles covering several hundred years, but with traditional Disney style it all blends together so well that you'd hardly notice the difference unless you were looking for it.

The Rose and Crown Pub with both indoor and outdoor seating serves relatively authentic British Pub food and beer, (though at Disney prices), and there's often a pianist in the pub who will sing practically any request, and you certainly wouldn't be the first to request that old favourite " Far Far Away"! Of course it's a stereotypical pub as much as anything, but it can be fun to call in.

The Tea Caddy shop is themed to resemble a Stratford cottage of Shakespear's time, with heavy wooden beams and a large fireplace. It is sponsored by Twinings, the tea company, and as you might expect from the name and sponsorship, it specialises in assorted teas from around the world, both loose and in bags, although also sells caddys, teapots and various biscuits.

The Magic of Wales is a very small shop, selling small collectibles, including jewellery, pottery, and small Welsh handmade gifts. Suprisingly, despite its dimunitive size it has the largest volume of sales amongst all of the United Kingdom shops.

The Crown & Crest is themed more as a fantasy Arthurian shop might appear in the imagination, with high rafters a large chandalier, large fireplace, with crossed swords! and decorative banners. It sells a strange mixture of oddments and collectibles, such as "Yard of Ale Glasses", coin and stamp sets, and limited edition chess sets.

The Queens Table is sponsored by Royal Doulton, and many think is one of the nicest shops in the whole of Epcot. The Adams Room in particular is excellently themed with intricate mouldings and pastel colours. Again in keeping with its sponsor, it specialises in fine china, and particularly the highly expensive, but very attractive fine porcelain figurines made by Doulton.

The Toy Soldier is a traditionally styled toy shop, which externally looks like a 16th century small stone manor house. Inside it sells a variety of traditional British toys, alongside an extensive selection of Winnie the Pooh merchandise.

Finally Pringles of Scotland has a large selection of Wool, Cashmere sweaters knitted by the Scottish manufacturer, along with anything you can think of in Tartan.

Street entertainment is provided in the form of puppeteers, and a street theatre, but other than that the only other amusement in the pavillion is a traditional herb-garden and maze, although characters do make occasional appearances in the gardens, particularly characters from Alice in Wonderland, along with Mary Poppins and Winnie the Pooh and friends.

Move swiftly along to Canada.



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