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Tours of the World

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At A Glance  

The Magic Behind Our Steam Trains

The Magic Behind Our Steam Trains is a new Magic Kingdom tour starting on October 1st 1999 which reflects Walt Disney's love of trains and gives guests the opportunity to learn the history and operation of the Walt Disney World steam engines. The tour allows guests to see the inside of an engine cab from the Walt Disney Railroad that runs around the park's perimiter, and watch the opening crew prepare a train for the day's operation as well as learn about Walt's early experience with trains and how the Magic Kingdom park trains were built.

For more information, call 407/WDW-TOUR.

Backstage Magic

Running on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, the Backstage Magic tour is Disney's most popular behind-the-scenes tour, and also the most expensive. The reason for it's popularity is that it allows a full day's look into the backstage workings of Walt Disney World, and isn't restricted to a single park.

The tour lasts for approximately 7 hours in total, the highlight of which is a tour of the underground tunnels known as Utilidors, which link the various parts of The Magic Kingdom together, and allow unrestricted access for the various service personnel and characters to move around the park out of the sight of normal eyes.

As well as The Magic Kingdom, Backstage Magic also visits some of the computer rooms that house the systems controlling attractions such as Body Wars, and visits the Animation Studios in the Disney MGM Studios, where you get to illustrate your own animation cel (which you can then keep if you wish).

Backstage Magic includes lunch and costs around $160 per person, although it doesn't require any additional access to the theme parks.

Showbiz Magic

Showbiz Magic is a 6 hour tour for kids, which is similar in some respects to the 7 hour Backstage Magic Tour for Adults.

Keys to the Kingdom

(Revised: 12th Dec 2000)

The Keys to the Kingdom tour runs four times daily and lasts for four and a half, to five hours in total. The tour starts from City Hall on Main Street USA at 08:30, 09:30, 10:00 and 13:30. The Keys to the Kingdom tour is open to all guests aged 16 or older.

This tour provides a great insight into the history and workings of The Magic Kingdom. During the tour you get to see some of the Utilidors and the Production Center, and get to experience several rides, though you still have to queue along with everyone else.

The tour costs around $58.00 per person, and also requires a valid The Magic Kingdom theme park ticket. This price includes lunch at the Columbia Harbour House. (The meal is prepared ready for the tour's arrival, overcoming one of the delays experienced by previous formats of the same tour).

Tour parties are generally limited to eighteen people or less, and the tour tends to fill quickly, so reservations are strongly recommended.

Bookings can be made through the WALT DISNEY WORLD Tour Information line at (407)WDW-TOUR.

Gardens of the World

The Gardens of the World tour runs twice a week, on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and costs around $25 per person, with the additional requirement of a valid Epcot theme park ticket.

The tour is hosted by one of Disney's horticultural experts, and provides an insight into the plants that are used throughout WDW, and particularly in the World Showcase at Epcot. Primarily it is a tour for avid gardeners, since it is mainly concerned with a study of the various Plants and Trees but it may still hold interest for non gardeners as well.

Inside Animation

Inside Animation is another tour that only runs twice a week, though this time it's centered around the Disney MGM Studios. It runs on Tuesdays and Thursdays and lasts for around 2½ hours, and costs around $45 per person. Again a valid theme park ticket is also required.

Inside Animation takes the guest through a brief course about the art of animation, and culminates in you drawing and colouring an animation cel, which you then get to keep.

Hidden Treasures of the World Showcase

Hidden Treasures of the World Showcase is actually three tours, each run on a different day.

  • Hidden Treasures (East) on Tuesdays lasts 2 hours, and takes the guest through the Mexico, Norway, China, Germany, Italy and America countries of the World SHowcase at Epcot, and costs $25 per person, plus a valid theme park ticket.
  • Hidden Treasures (West) on Saturdays also lasts 2 hours and takes the guest through Canada, France, Morocco, Japan, America, and The United Kingdom countries of the World Showcase. As with the Hidden Treasures East tour, West costs $25 per person, and also requires a valid theme park ticket.
  • Hidden Treasures on Wednesdays is a 5 hour journey through all 11 pavillions of The World Showcase, and also includes lunch in Morocco at the Marakesh restaurant. It costs $65 per person, but unlike the East and West tours, doesn't require a theme park ticket as well.


DiveQuest is only available to certified "Open Water" scuba divers, who can provide proof of certification. It costs $140 per person plus tax, and takes place in The Living Seas at Epcot. where the guest gets a 2 hour tour, and then a 30 minute dive in the Living Seas aquarium.

All underwater gear is provided, and theme park admission is not required, though it's available to a very limited number of guests at a time, so it's one tour that needs to be pre-booked, and the further in advance the better.

Broadway Bound Tour

Backstage Safari Tour

The Backstage Safari Tour is located in the new Animal Kingdom, and is likely to be starting in June 1998, though no firm start dates have been announced yet. The tour which is likely to run on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 08:30 AM should be open to ages 16 and above, and will cost around $60 per person on top of the park admission price.

Tour Information

Tour information can be obtained from WDW by calling (407) WDW-TOUR.


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