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At A Glance High speed thrill ride, well themed with some unexpected indoor surprises. Min height 40 inches, Under 7s must be accompanied by an adult, no back, heart or neck problems, pregnant women advised aganst riding.


The new Test Track attraction at Epcot officially opened on March 17th 1999.

After loading into the Test vehicle (which holds up to six people) the ride starts with a small corner as the car leaves the loading area. Next comes the hill climbing test as with tires squealing and engines roaring the ride vehicles climb up a steep three-story ascent, and into the main testing area.

The first test in the main area is the Suspension test as the vehicle heads downhill over a series of harsh road surfaces includign bricks, cobbles etc.

The Brake test follows the suspension test, as the vehicle skids around the first time without ABS and then slows under control with ABS

The Ride handling test comes next with an uphill climb around tight curves and fake scenery, each curve being takes a little faster than the previous one. The vehicle then heads back down a small hill and into the next series of test.

Following the handling test is the Environmental chamber test in a series of enclosed environmental chambers, the vehicles are exposed to heat in one chanber followed by cold in the next, and then a corrosive area where the vehicle is sprayed with a fine mist which contains some unusual smells (some people have likened it to the smell of battery acid).

The penultimite (suprise) test is the Barrier or Crash test where the vehicle hurtles towards an immovable barrier at high speed. The feeling of anxiety is heightened if you've seen the full pre-show where the vehicle crashes into a solid barrier.

In the ride, the vehicle approaches the barrier where at the last minute the doors open and the vehicle heads outside onto the main speed test. (Note photographs are taken at this point for later amusement).

During the High speed test around the outside of the building, the vehicle reaches speeds of up to 65 mph on the banked track.

Heading back inside, vehicles are tested on a thermal imager, a device that will allow guests to see the areas of heat generated on the vehicles - and guests - during testing.

Test Track Trivia
  • The track weighs 3 million pounds
  • There are 34 turns on the track
  • There are 85 road signs along the track
  • Each year, ride vehicles will travel 50,000 miles
  • The angle of the track when the vehicles ride around the outside of the building is 48 degrees, which is steeper than the drop on Splash Mountain.



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