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It's a Small World

[Disney Vacation Planner]

At A Glance One of the original attractions built for the World's Fair, It's a Small World is a firm favorite amongst guests, and a ride which has a high throughput despite long queues.

There are almost 300 Audio-Animatronic(tm) figures within the It's a Small World attraction, which was originally built for New York's 1964-1965 World's Fair , children from more than 100 different nations which sing, dance, and entertain guests to a haunting melodic tune, alongside seals, polar bears, and various other animals.

It's a Small World is a slow boat ride, which would almost be relaxing if it weren't for the tune, which once you've heard will be virtually impossible to get out of your head, and will quite probably haunt you for the rest of your natural life.  The boats glide through areas representing different cultures,

Through the topiary gardens and past the towering columns of the world, the Small World boats drift silently with the tide into "The Happiest Cruise That Ever Sailed."    Eskimo children hail those passing beyond the north polar region into the Scandinavia region, followed by England and London Bridge, and onto Europe with Fur-capped Cossacks dancing the knee-straining "Gopak".

Asia is next, with magic carpets welcoming each guest upon their arrival in the Middle East, as a snake charmer takes up the "Small World" tune while veiled figures perform exotic dances. Sailing through the world of the Orient, one may not recall it was once remote and little known except to a few of the hardiest adventurers. Kimono-clad children bow "goodbye" to each passing boat from high atop a Tori gate.

The African journey begins in a Egyptian Palace where Cleopatra resides in queenly seclusion. A camel driver's drum beat follow each guest from burning desert into bold jungle regions. Off to port, haughty llamas crown the peaks of the Andes as you journey up the South American continent.

Ahead looms Central America, home of the blazing Mayan sun and fire-peaked volcanoes. The turquoise waters ahead lead to the alluring world of the South Pacific. This island-hopping trip captures it all...the wild fire dancers of Tahiti, drifting Polynesian outriggers, even a magical rain forest. Boundaries dissolve and continents link together in the bonds of common friendship and understanding.

And just in case you were wondering about the lyrics to the Small World theme ?

It's a world of laughter, a world of tears,
It's a world of hopes and a world of fears;
There's so much that we share,
That it's time we're aware
It's a small world after all.

It's a small world after all,
It's a small world after all,
It's a small world after all,
It's a small, small world.

There is just one moon,
and one golden sun,
And a smile means friendship to ev'ryone;
Though the mountains divide,
And the oceans are wide,
It's a small world after all.

During the run up to Christmas, It's a Small World in DisneyLand (Anaheim) is altered into 'It's a Small World Holiday', with both internal and external christmas decorations on the ride, and a subtly altered tune, featuring many traditional christmas tunes from around the world.

This has yet to happen at WDW (as far as I know).



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