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Take it or Leave it ?

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At A Glance  


I find it best to take one hard (Samsonite) suitcase and one soft suitcase, with a pair of smaller cases as hand luggage for two adults. I also try to make sure that all of the clothing etc on the outbound journey, although spread between the two main cases can if necessary all go into one case, so as to leave sufficient room for any souvenirs etc to be packed into the hard case for the return journey.

Check with your airline, but you'll probably find that Cameras and Camcorder cases aren't counted as part of your hand luggage, so can be kept with you on the plane. Also weigh all your luggage before heading out for the airport to make sure you know exactly how close to the baggage limit you are. (This will also give you an indication how much you can bring back).


I find that for two adults, 500 pounds is a good figure to take with you for a two week vacation split between cash and travellers cheques. Most places accept travellers cheques as though they were cash anyway, so you won't have any problems changing them. This won't give you enough money for everything you're going to want (or need) during your holiday, but it's more than enough in cash. Anything large can be put on a credit card.

Make sure you take details of credit cards and emergency phone numbers, along with your Travellers Cheque details, so that should the untoward happen and your cards be stolen you can contact the card providers and have the cards blacklisted immediately.

Credit Cards

Credit Cards are a must! Without a credit card you'll have real problems in sorting the hotel and hire car out, both of which will want to take a card-swipe for security before you take the car or enter the room. While you could theoretically get by without one you may find hire companies and hotels insisting on huge returnable deposits (1,500 - 2,000 dollars or more).


The Florida weather varies considerably, from relatively hot and sunny, to cool and very wet, so it's best to be prepared for all conditions, but I wouldn't take too many clothes with you, because it's cheap enough to buy while you're there. Generally aside from the clothing I wear for the journey I prefer to take one spare pair of Jeans, one warm Jumper/Cardigan, a few days supply of T-Shirts, and three or four pairs of shorts. Socks, additional Jeans, T-Shirts and Shorts etc I usually buy while in Florida, either from one of the stores in the Belz Mall, or a sports shop such as Sports Dominator.

Cameras & Video Equipment

I usually take a good quality 35mm compact camera, with a long zoom lens, flash, along with a Hi-8 Camcorder, so that I can use the Camcorder while my wife uses the 35mm compact. I also take a small table-top tripod which will support the compact camera for pictures at night. Don't bother with a tripod for the Camcorder, or taking loads of lenses for a 35mm SLR, because you'll just be overburdoned with equipment while you're trying to see the sights.

A WORD OF ADVICE HERE While you may want to video the various parades etc in the Disney parks, PLEASE spare a thought for other people around you who also want to see the parades. If possible stake your claim to a front-row position, and SIT DOWN to film so that people behind you can also see the action. If you can't get a good position towards the front of the audience, take a look around and you'll find plenty of walls, benches etc where you can easily film from (and you'll probably find a better position stood on a wall than you would in the main audience).

If you are at the front of the audience, let children sit in front of you. They won't be tall enough to interfere with your filming, and will probably provide you with some excellent cut-away shots that can be used for later editing.


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