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At A Glance Great live action show with lighting, lasers and fireworks, all held in a giant semi circular bowl with seating for 6,500 and standing room for a further 1,500 guests.

Fantasmic is a relatively new show at the Disney MGM Studios, first previewing towards the end of 1998, and is held in the Hollywood Hills Amphitheatre - a large seated area holding 6,500 seated guests, with room for a further 1,500 standing, that slopes down towards a semi-circular lagoon located towards the side of the Tower of Terror at the end of Sunset Boulevard.

The show lasts for approximately 25 minutes, and is shown nightly at 6:30 PM, with a second earlier showing during selected days in the winter months.

The show takes you into the imagination of Sourcerer Mickey, as he and some of his friends confront several of the notorious Disney villians in a good vs evil kind of battle.

Music, Fireworks, dancing fountains, movie clips projected onto curtains of water, and special effects all combine into an excellent show that really shouldn't be missed.

You don't get a great deal of choice over seating, because the amphitheatre is filled from right to left working from the front of each section to the rear. Depending on the dirction the wind is blowing, if you're near the front you stand a good chance of getting wet, mainly from the spray from the various fountains in use.

There are three simultaneous projection system running, one centrally, and one off to either side, all of which are synchronised. The best place(s) to watch from is probably between the rear and the middle of a section, directly in front of one of the three water curtains.

Note: during the run up to Christmas, although the end of the later Fantasmic presentation coincides with the time the park closes, it is still possible to head for Residential Street after Fantasmic, and take in the Osborne Family Lights.



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