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Delta Dreamflight

[ Disney Vacation Planner ]

At A Glance Replaced If You Could Fly in Tomorrowland.

DreamflightDreamflight, (or more properly Delta Dreamflight) at The Magic Kingdom, was sponsored by Delta Airlines, and replaced Delta's earlier If You Could Fly, and the earlier still, If You Had Wings attraction, sponsored by Eastern Airlines in June 1989.

On first entering the building containing the ride guests encountered a relatively short queuing area. Due to the low-key nature of Dreamflight there was rarely a wait of over two minutes. The loading area was through a rainbow colored jetway, into the main door of a Delta Airlines Jet, and had a large painted mural of a classic 1930s airport, complete with aircratf painted in the old Delta livery.

Guests were loaded into smallish 2 seat buggies, complete with lap bar to ensure that nobody got off during the ride. The safety bars lowered automatically, and the obligatory "Please refrain from all eating and flash photography, and have a delightful journey" message was relayed by the loading staff.

The ride itself started with a rotating pop-up book to the left featuring several scenes from the history of flight depicted in a cartoon style, to the accompanyment of a male voice singing:

"From the earliest days of trying,
On the air we've been relying,
To lift us high above the deep blue sea.
And before this flight is through,
You'll be soaring in the sky so blue.
I'm trying to help you make these dreams come true.
Oh yes,
Like flying to help you make these dreams come true,
Like flying to help you make these dreams come true"

Immediately after the storybook scene was a multi-dimensional scene depicting the barnstorming days of yesteryear in which farmers and village people gathered to watch as barnstorming pilots performed loops and roles in the sky. This scene was made up of simple, hand painted cutouts.

The next room featured a large screen, on which a real airplane and daredevil pilot was projected. The bi-plane performed varoius loops and roles, while a wing walker performed varoius breathtaking acts. This projection lasted for around 30 seconds, as the guests vehicles passed by.

The musical accompaniement then continued, again with a male voice singing:

"Held on to all of these flying machines.
Brave folks just learning to fly.
Up and down, around and around,
What a thrill doing stunts in the sky.
These newfangled gizmos called flying machines,
With pilots so willing do dare,
Go looping the loops,
Defying the ground,
Soaring on currents of air"

A voice then announced that: "Global Clipper will depart shortly upon the era of air travel. Your Dreamflight will span the world, making brief stops in Tokyo, Japan, and Paris, France" followed by the same message repeated by a female voice.

Next the buggies travelled through a detailed replica of a Martin M-130 flying boat as used in the 1930s and 1940s by Pan American World Airways, to cross the Pacific. Video projection effects were used to simulate the buggies passing by several scenes depicting areas of the world serviced by Delta, including a quiet Japanese town during the night, and an evening scene across Paris.

Towards the end of the ride a Lockheed Constellation in Delta colors flies overhead in the night sky while male and female announcers inform everyone that "Ladies and gentlemen, your Dreamflight will depart immediately for the future. Please prepare for supersonic takeoff"

The buggies then approached an aircraft with a huge jet engine, and travelled through the center of the engine which was brought to life by a clever lighting sequence. The effect was higtened by subtle smells filling the area. Finally the ride vehicle tilted back slightly, and air was blown into guests faces while images projected all around the vehicle was designed to simulate the vehicle hurtling down a runway about to take off for a flight through the sky and into space.

The ride came to an end with a female singer:

"Delta welcomes you back from your Dreamflight,
The fantasy flight of your life.
Once you've taken a Dreamflight,
The Earth's an inspiring sight.
There's adventure,
There is romance,
Sailing the sky so blue,
Delta's Dreamflight is the best chance for a passport to dreams old and new.
For you have just taken a Dreamflight,
The most wonderful flight of your life,
So take a Delta Dreamflight,
And see dreams in a different light."

Dreamflight was eventually refurbished and transformd into TakeFlight, also sponsored by Delta, which was in turn closed during 1998 following Delta's loss as a sponsor on 1st January 1996.

The location originally occupied by the evolution from If you had Wings, to If you could fly, Delta's Dreamflight and ultimitely Take Flight is now occupied by the completely new attraction Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin.



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