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Main Street Cinema

[Disney Vacation Planner]

At A Glance Small, but real cinema (theatre) located on Main Street USA, usually showing vintage Mickey Mouse cartoons, or similar themed material.


The Main Street Cinema is a frequently overlooked attraction, since most visitors in their eagerness to get to the prime attractions such as Space Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain etc tend to rush straight past it, but with it's air conditioning it's a great place to cool off on a hot Floridian summers day while everyone else stands in line, although be aware that there aren't any seats in the Main Street Cinema, so although cool, it's standing room only.

The main film running within the Cinema is 'Mickey's Big Break'. A 10-minute tongue in cheek film showing how Mickey was chosen from a number of actors for his starring role in the 1928 Steamboat Willie cartoon. This is then followed by a vintage Disney cartoon featuring Mickey.

The 'minor' vintage cartoon shown varies from time to time, and Steamboat Willie, released on November 18th 1928 is often featured, as is a preview of the latest Animated Movie to be released in theatres .



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