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Storybookland Boat Ride

At A Glance

Storybookland is located at the far North of the park, between Alice's Curious Labyrinth and the Old Mill ferris wheel, behind It's a Small World. Access to the area is via a path under the Disneyland Paris Railroad (a bit like "Mickey's Toontown" in DisneyLand and WDW).

The Storybook boat ride, which was constructed by Mack GmbH of Germany, is a 'no-host' ride, unlike other similar rides at other Disney parks. It's a continuous cable-towed boat ride, departing from a step-on, step-off turntable in front of a giant open book.

The brightly coloured boats each carry up to 20 guests. There are open storybooks along the route identifying the story for each set. The boats pass under a stone bridge (Casey Junior's track), then in front of beautifully landscaped, richly detailed miniatures. On your left you will see the Seven Dwarfs' house (the mine is in the background, with diamond effects and sounds of the dwarfs working), Hansel & Gretel cake house, Rapunzel's Tower (note her long blond hair hanging down from it). On your right, on the top of a small island, is Mount Olympus from Fantasia.

The boats then pass under a second bridge. You enter the snow-covered area of Peter and the Wolf (on your left). On your right is the best model: the village, ruins, cemetery & mountain from Night on Bald Mountain (from Fantasia), now including Chernabog sitting atop of the ruined castle tower.

The boats turn around the mountain set and enter Aladdin's Cave of Wonder, through the tiger's mouth. Inside the cave is a miniature of the treasure, and a little further on is a miniature of the lamp resting at the top of the stairs, bathing in a magical beam of light.

Leaving the cave, you see on your left a Sword in the Stone model, then a large replica of Belle's village from Beauty and the Beast. The Beast's castle is in the background, with Casey's track curling around its walls. The final miniature is the Emerald City of Oz, after which the boats return to the station.

Miniature figures have now been added to the sets of Storybookland: dwarves in the mine and the evil witch for Snow White, Prince Eric for Little Mermaid, Centaurs for Mount Olympus, Peter and the Wolf for Peter and the Wolf, Abu for the Cave of Wonders, Belle sitting by the fountain in her village, and the famous Oz quatuor at the entrance to the Emerald City. The sets now look more alive.


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