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Pirates of the Caribbean

At A Glance

Medium length boat ride, similar in format to the Walt Disney World and Disneyland attractions. Plenty of audio animatronics, excellent theming. One of the most popular attractions at any Disney park.

Unsuitable for toddlers or very young children (under 4 years).
Children 4 - 7 years may find the attraction a little frightening.
Unsuitable for pregnant women due to the plunging nature of the boats when "under attack" by the pirates.


Click for larger imageLocated at the end of Adventureland, The Pirates of the Caribbean attraction at Disneyland Paris is in a slightly different format to the version at the other Disney parks. For a start, being the most recently built of the Pirates attractions, the audio-animatronics are noticeably better than their earlier counterparts. Secondly the Paris version features quite a few new scenes, and the classic scenes that are used (from WDW or DL) have been arranged into a different order (for example the Jail scene occuring towards the start of the ride, rather than at the very end as in the WDW version.

The attraction is housed in a large greystone fortress that's under attack by the Pirates, however the theming at the load area is one of a Caribbean island (rather than Florida's fort or the southern bayou of California/Tokyo). The queueing area of the Disneyland Paris seems to be very long, however the ride loads relatively quickly, so what may seem like a queue to avoid can actually load faster than a ride with a much shorter queue.

Following the initial load, the ride starts as you pass through a Caribbean jungle lagoon at night and go up a "waterfall" ramp into a fort where the pirates have started to make their raid. Your boat then passes through a cave during which you hear a warning about an impending drop just before you slide down a flume and right into the battle between the pirate ship and the fort. Watch out for the ships cat frantically clinging to a piece of wreckage that's heading for the whirlpool.

This section of the attraction also houses the Prison scene which is virtually identical to the scene at the other parks, although with somewhat better audio animatronics.

The remaining scenes are virtually identical to their counterparts at Walt Disney World and Disneyland at Anaheim, although they seem more detailed at Disneyland Paris, and have better audio animatronics.

Immediately after the sequence with the burning town (similar to that at WDW and DL), the Parisian version of the attraction again breaks with the traditional format, with a second flume/drop where the boat rides through a hole in the fort wall and into the powder room just as the burned out town meets its end in a huge explosion. Your boat narrowly escapes the destruction passing through the Hurricane Lagoon, the Treasure Chamber, and finally the Captains and Crews quarters before you see the dock looming ahead of you.

Pirates of the Caribbean is one of the attractions that can be partially seen from the Disneyland Paris Railroad. If railroad travellers look carefully they'll be able to catch a glimpse of three skeletons of former pirates, along with a couple of other scenes from the attraction.

NOTE: Although you won't get soaked, the attraction does contain moving water, and you can expect to receive a couple of splashes, so if you're taking camera or electronic equipment in make sure you're ready to shield it from water splashes occasionally.

Immediately outside the fort is Le Coffre du Capitaine (The Captain's Chest). A store selling various related items such as model ships, pirate figures, and toy muskets and cutlasses.



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