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Paddle Steamers

At A Glance

The Mark Twain and Molly Brown paddle steamers repeatedly circle the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad attraction on a 12 minute never ending journey around the Rivers of the Far West, from which some excellent photographs of the runaway mine train can be captured, not tomention photographs of the Geysers and other nicely themed areas of the theme park often missed by visitors.

On a warm sunny day, or a warm evening it can be quite a pleasant relaxing sojourn, although it's one to avoid if the weather isn't particularly nice, particularly since the ride often attracts 20-minute or longer queues.

The majority of people on first boarding the boats head directly for the top deck, only to find a very limited seating area, so the best thing to do is to head for the mid-deck bow area and aim to get a seat there instead. There are also indoor seated cabins for rainy days.

Steer clear of the large funnel unless you want to be deafened by the ship's steam whistle as it approaches and leaves the landing stages.


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