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Indiana Jones et le Temple du Peril

At A Glance Short and very jerkey but otherwise mundane roller coaster attraction, only made interesting by its theming.


Indiana Jones et le Temple du PerilThis attractions is one of the most popular at teh theme park, with correspondingly long queues. Expect a 45 minute or longer queue once the theme park has been open for a couple of hours, so to ensure a ride with the minimum of queueing time, head straight for Adventureland when the park first opens and ride "Indie", then head for Frontierland for "Big Thunder Mountain"

The attraction features a relatively short roller coaster ride with a single 360 degree loop in it. Most people that have ridden it have commented on either the short duration, or the jerkeyness of the ride, which can be very uncomfortable if the securing harness is pulled too tight.

The ride cars are also fairly small taking a maximum of 8 people with four people seated in each vehicle in two rows of two, and two vehicles being linked together. As is the norm with many coasters these days the ride uses a shoulder harness system to keep guests firmly seated.

The ride itself is quite fast, but doesn't feature any of the stomach churning twists or drops that go into making a really good coaster. It's certainly a little wilder than Big Thunder Mountain mainly because the turns, humps and the single loop are tighter than on most coasters (and taken at a slower speed than most), but those seeking a white knuckle ride will almost cerainly leave Indiana Jones feeling more than a little disappointed.

The ride is themed very nicely, with 1940s style camp settings, jeeps, tents, etc, that certainly look as though they belong in an Indiana Jones movie. The experience being enhanced by some very good background music throughout the queueing area, which is supposed to look like an excavated ruin. The presence of the Mine cars is a little strange, since there's a distinct lack of a mine from which they could have come - one of the few glaring mistakes the Disney Imagineers have made in theming their attractions.

However, to their credit, the mine cars are extremely jerky and bumpy, just as you'd expect a real mine cart to be. Be warned however, that the restraint system is awkward and the jerkiness of the ride, even though it's a short ride, can make it an uncomfortable experience.

In pure roller coaster terms though, it's the theming that takes the ride from being a very short and mundane coaster attraction, into an enjoyable experience. It certainly doesn't have enough 'thrill-factor' for the fans of real white knuckle rides, but it's quite a fun coaster none the less.



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