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Honey I Shrunk the Audience



Honey I Shrunk the Audience opened in Discoveryland at Disneyland Paris on March 28th, 1999, and was previewed in two television adverts.

The first advert, which aired in the United Kingdom, featured a family trying to not to wake their giant dog, whilst the second advert, which only aired in France, featured a similar family being chased by a cat that's playing with a ball of string / wool.

The attraction itself is very similar in arrangement to the attraction with the same name at Walt Disney World, and like the Floridian version, the Disneyland Paris attraction is also sponsored by Kodak.

At the ceremony of the Inventor of the Year, the famous Professor Szalinski must present his shrinking and enlarging machine to the assembled allumni from the Imagination Institute. Inadvertently, the machine is pointed at the audience! In just one split second, the room is reduced to the size of a shoebox and the audience to the size of mice! The plot thickens when Adam, the inventor's youngest son, picks up the auditorium like a new toy...

The attraction itself kicks off with a pre-show in a smallish ante-chamber with standing room only. The pre-show features a number of photographs projected from multiple cameras onto a screen, with one photograph fading out as the next fades in at different positions on the screen. This is backed up with the theme song "True Colours", written by Tom Kelley and Billy Steinberg and sung by Cyndi Lauper. A pre-show sequence that will be very familiar to anyone that's been through the Walt Disney World version of the attraction.

To celebrate the opening of "Honey, I Shrunk the Audience", the Disneyland Paris theme park ran a special offer including accommodation in one of the Disneyland Paris hotels, Theme Park entry tickets, plus exclusive presents such as souvenir watches and a special certificate of the new attraction. This 3 night/4 day minimum stay included:

  • Three nights at the Sequoia Lodge, Newport Bay Club, Hotel New York or Disneyland Hotel.
  • Breakfast
  • Four days in the Park
  • Three souvenir watches per room, especially designed for the opening of the attraction
  • One certificate per room proving that you have been "shrunk at Disneyland Paris"

The package, which is available from 28/03/99 to 15/07/99 and from 12/09/99 to 31/10/99 cost from 194 per adult* and 60 per child* (3 to 11 years inclusive), reliant on two adults and two children sharing the same room.


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