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Sites by Solarius

Fort Comstock

At A Glance Walkthrough kids play area, which unusually for Disney is completely inaccessible to disabled guests.


Fort Comstock, which guards the main entrance to Frontierland is a replica of the kind of log stockade that was constructed by early pioneers as a defence against native indian attack.

Located within Fort Comstock is the Legends of the Wild West attraction, which contrary to the sound of its title, is a relatively tame visual exhibit, consisting of a series of log-cabin style rooms linked by stairs and walkways that span the entrance to Frontierland. The exhibit is supposed to give guests an insight into the way that people exploring the American wild west frontier would have lived from day to day.

Unfortunately the exhibit is all stairs from start to finish, and is completely inaccessible to guests that need to use a wheelchair or ECV. Also since some of the stairs are in dimly lit areas younger children will need to be taken firmly in hand to make sure they don't go dashing off and end up in a heap after falling down, or up a couple of steps.

Inially the attraction looks quite promising, but after a couple of rooms it gets very "samey", so that by the time you reach the halfway point on a walkway overlooking the Rivers of the Far West all you want to do is move along to the end as quickly as possible.

Two or three of the room areas have minor path deviations, but the path always ends up at the same place, and pretty much guides guests through each room in turn.

Although there's no real one-way in or out, by convention most guests seem to enter the complex via the stairs furthest away from the flat-wagon (you'll know it when you see it), and leave the complex by the wagon exit.

Overall the attraction's pretty much a waste of time although young children will probably enjoy parts of it. It's one saving grace is that it offers some excellent high-level views of Frontierland and the rest of the theme park and provides a very good view of the Rivers of the Far West from the central walkway if you want to take a nice photograph of the Mark Twain or Molly Brown, capturing the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad in the background.


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