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Sites by Solarius

Casey Jr., Le Petit Train du Cirque

At A Glance Slow roller-coaster style train ride, but without any suprises so good for young children.


Storybookland is located at the far North of the park, between Alice's Curious Labyrinth and the Old Mill ferris wheel, behind It's a Small World. Access to the area is via a path under the Disneyland Paris Railroad (a bit like "Mickey's Toontown" in DisneyLand and WDW).

Casey Junior is more of a family-oriented (non-gravity) roller coaster than a train ride and is based upon the small circus train in the classic Disney animated film Dumbo, in which guests are taken on a journey through scenes from favourity fairy tales.

Built by Vekoma of Holland, two trains run on the same track thanks to a clever block-system installation. It surrounds the whole Storybook land area. The ride is rather fast, with lots of banked turns and 'rabbit hops'. At night, the only light is the locomotive's headlight, so ride in the very last car for a very dark ride!



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