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Sites by Solarius

Alice's Curious Labyrinth

At A Glance Simple but pleasant walk through attraction, with passages flanked by tall hedging. Not a particularly large or complex maze, and not one that's going to be very baffling.


Click for larger imageAlice's Curious Labyrinth is an outdoor walk-through maze style attraction, which is great fun for children, particularly those up to and in their early teens.

The attraction takes the form of a twisted series of passages, flanked on either side by tall hedging. Various items of Disney theming adorn the passages, from arches of playing cards to animated versions of Disney's characters from the Alice in Wonderland film.

A small castle located towards the centre of the maze like passageways offers some quite good views over Fantasyland.

The maze isn't anything like as complex as some of the classic garden mazes such as that at London's Hampton Court Palace, but rather is more of a pleasant stroll through hedge bordered passages, witht he odd suprise or two around some of the corners.





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