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Summit Plummit

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At A Glance Large 120ft high 350ft long waterslide.



Summit Plummet

Summit Plummet is the big thrill ride at Blizzard Beach, which begins 120 feet in the air on a platform built 30 feet above the peak of Mt Gushmore, and appears just like a ski jump.

Guests ride the 350 foot long water-slide to the bottom, reaching speeds of around sixty (60) miles per hour. Near the top guests pass through the ski chalet, and to those watching from below, seem to disappear into an explosion of mist.

NOTE: Female riders are advised to make the trip in a one-piece bathing suit, to avoid the embarasing situation of finding a what started as a two-piece suit at the top of the ride, becoming a one-piece suit towards the bottom of the ride!



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Summit Plummit


Summit Plummit