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Virgin Atlantic Fast Checkin

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Virgin Fast Checkin

Last revised 23-Mar-2000.
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One of the real advantages of flying to Walt Disney World with Virgin Atlantic is the fast-checkin service available on the return journey, which allows you to spend almost a full day doing whatever you want, when you'd normally be having to hang around the airport waiting for your flight.

Generally you need to check out of your hotel before noon on the day you leave, so most people leave checking out as late as possible, not wanting to have to content with draggin luggage around for long, or leaving luggage in a car whilst in the theme park.

With Virgin's fast checkin service you check out of your hotel reasonably early, and drive to the Downtown Disney parking lot where Virgin have a large container-vehicle. You then present your passports and check your luggage in. Your suitcases, and anything else that you'd plan to store in the aircraft's hold on the return journey is then taken off you and loaded into the container, leaving you with just your hand luggage.

This means that you have far less to carry, and can then go on to a theme park, do a little more shopping, or take in a movie at the AMC, before heading out for the airport, and the car-hire return.

In practice this system works really well, and can easily give you an extra day to do with as you please, particularly if your return flight is scheduled for later in the day.


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