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Smells and Aromas

© 1999. Last revised March 31, 2000.
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As you walk around the various Disney theme parks, one thing you'll notice is the various smells. Go into Spaceship Earth at Epcot and when you see the scene of a smouldering city you'll notice a really smoky smell. Go into any of the Pirates of the Caribbean rides, and the queueing area smells old, dank and disused. The Tower of Terror at the Disney Studios smells just like an old boiler room should, the various candy stores scattered throughout the parks have various candy-smells just outside the doorway to tempt guests in, whilst Chip and Dale's Bakeshop float in the Very Merry Christmas Party parade smells of cookies and ginger.

All of these smells and aromas are artificially generated using a special machine called a Smellitzer, which Disney holds patent to that releases the scent into the air.

It is used to create the cookie smell outside the bakery on Main St, USA and the mint scent outside the candy store, as well as the "dirt" smell of Pirates of the Carribean and The Haunted Mansion, and the honey scent on Pooh's Adventure.

Next time you're at the Magic Kingdom and are walking down main street, turn right just before the candy store and walk under the awning in the direction of Tony's Town Square. There you'll find a really strong concentration of peppermint just near the door, but it dissipates irregularly and it quite obviously isn't naturally occurring from the store itself.


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