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MKC Card

Last revised March 23, 2000.
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What is the MKC Program ?

The Magic Kingdom Club (MKC) is a Disney sponsored program that can save you money. There are various MKC membership benefits available at Walt Disney World, Disneyland in California, Tokyo Disneyland and Disneyland Paris (check with each resort individually for more details).

There are 2 types of MKC membership available, though it's probable that only one is available to UK residents.  Large companies with over 500 employees can participate in Disney's MKC program, which generally provides a "free" membership card to it's employees. It's very unlikely that this corporate membership option is abailable to anyone in the UK unless working for a U.S. based organisation that participates in the program.

The second alternative is where you can join the MKC program yourself and receive a "Gold Card". At present this costs $65 for 2 years for U.S. residents, and slightly more for overseas residents due to the additional costs of shipping the printed material.

In addition to the regular benefits of MKC membership, you receive a toll free number to call for reservations (U.S. only I'm afraid) as well as a small tote bag, a free video and luggage tag. Gold Card members also receive a quarterly newsletter and the Disney Magazine.

NOTE: that Disney stockholders are able to purchase the Gold Card at a slightly reduced rate. Call the shareholders office for details.

How Can I Join the MKC Program ?

To Obtain the Magic Kingdom Club Gold Card by Phone, call 00-1-800-56 Disney from the UK, or 1-800-56 Disney prefixed by the appropriate international access dialing code pertinent to your own country.

You can also write: Magic Kingdom Club; P.O. Box 3850; Anaheim, CA 92803-9831. The National Headquarters Number is: 714-781-1550.

What Are The Membership Benefits ?

The MKC Program, and Gold Program offer a number of benefits, aside from the free gifts available on joining.  The first benefit is the quarterly newsletter and the Disney magazine.  The other general benefits are listed below:

  • Between 10% and 20% discount during specified periods on selected Walt Disney World Resort hotel accomodations. 
  • Accomodations - Nighly discount at selected WDW Village hotels, Dolphin and Swan.
  • Reduced prices on selected ticket options at the MGM-Studios, Magic Kingdom and Epcot Disney Theme Parks, Downtown Disney, Pleasure Island, Blizzard Beach, Typhoon Lagoon, River Country, and Discovery Island. (Call Disney for details)
  • Savings at the Disney Instutute (Call 1-800-496-6337 and ask about MKC benefits).
  • Savings on the price of vacations on the Disney Cruise Line if booked before June 1, 1998.
  • 10% discount on merchandise at Downtown Disney, Pleasure Island and Character Connection at Crossroads, although some restrictions apply.
  • 10% off meals at selected theme park and resort restaurants.
  • Save on the purchase of a Magic Kingdom Club Classic badge and more at Disney's Golf Courses.
  • 10% discount off regular price of the riding or driving programs at the Richard Petty Driving Experience .
  • 10% discount on all purchases at The Disney Store
  • 10% discount on all purchases made from The Disney Catalog
  • 10% discount on Disney's Walk Around The World Bricks (excludes the 25th anniversary granite bricks)
  • Save up to 30% on published counter rates with National Rental Car (U.S. Only)
  • 10% discount on all merchandise bought at the Festival Disney area of Disneyland Paris.
  • 10% discount on all merchandise bought within the Disneyland Paris theme park.

It is also valid at the following restaurants within Walt Disney World:

  • The Plaza (MK)
  • Tony's Town Square (MK)
  • Liberty Tree (MK)
  • Garden Grill (Epcot)
  • Le Cellier (Epcot)
  • Restaurant Marrakesh (Epcot)
  • Prime Time Cafe (dinner only) (MGM)
  • Mama Melrose's (MGM)
  • Brown Derby (MGM)
  • Hollywood & VIne (MGM)
  • Tusker House (AK)
  • Flame Tree Barbecue (AK)
  • Restaurantosaurus (AK)

Where is the MKC Card Not Valid ?

The MKC Card can't be used for mearchandise or food except at specified locations inside the theme parks, resort hotels, Disney Westside or at Disney outlets in Airports.


So Should I Get One ?

The choice to get or not get an MKC card depends on how often you visit Walt Disney World, and the other Walt Disney Resorts worldwide, How much you spend on Disney related products whilst there, and how often you visit The Disney Store.

If you have access to a free card, then it's definitely worth taking up.  If you have to pay for the gold card however, then it's only worth buying if the savings outweigh the costs of getting it in the first place, and remember that with the purchase price between $65 and $90, depending on location, you're going to have to spend approaching $1,000 on the MKC card to get any real benefit.

Having said that though, it can pay for itself in one go if you are able to take advantage of MKC reductions on accommodation, and a few trips to the Disney Store can easily add up to a worthiwhile saving.


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