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Disney Dollars

Last revised April 5, 2000.

Disney Dollars are available in various denominations including $1, $5, and $10, and can be purchased from any main entrance ticket booth, from the Main Street Bank in Disneyland, from City Hall, or from various hotels. They are also often included in small quantities "free" as an incentive in some selected vacation packages.

They can be used within the theme park exactly the same as normal cash, and are accepted at all Disney operated hotels, and at all shops and restaurants within thevarious theme parks. They can be exchanged for real currency at any time.

So why would you want to use them ? Why go to the trouble of exchanging 1 US dollar for 1 Disney Dollar, which can be used at exactly the same exchange rate, but only within Disney property ? Good question!

Given that they are directly exchangable for currency and carry no discount benefits there seems little point in exchanging real currency for Disney Dollars, unless you particularly want to buy souvenirs with Mickey's own personal currency. They can be quite a novelty for children, but they're a little wasted on most adults to be honest.


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