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Project Fact Sheet

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Project Name: Hong Kong Disneyland
Location: Overlooking the water at Penny's Bay, and on a main transit route from the new Hong Kong International Airport, the project will position Lantau Island as a world-class tourist destination and will take advantage of the location's easy access by rail, highway and ferry to attract guests to the Park.
Size: 126 Hectares
Targeted Opening: 2005
  Opening Year Buildout
Projected Attendance 5 mil 10 mil
Parks 1 1
Hotels 2-3 3-4
Rooms 1,400 2,100
RD&E 18,000 sq. meters 28,000 sq. meters
Jobs 18,400 35,800
Project Overview (see Note):
Park Overview: Preliminary Concept - Currently in the conceptual design phase, Hong Kong Disneyland will be designed to transport guests into a world of imagination, fantasy and adventure. The park will bring together the best of the rides, shows and attractions from Disney Parks around the world to create a mix of new and traditional Disney entertainment experiences.
Themed Lands:

Like other Disney theme parks, Hong Kong Disneyland will consist of several "lands," each offering unique Disney experiences. Each land might include these classic Disney concepts, either at opening or as additions in future years:

Main Street USA Concept - Main Street USA serves as the dramatic entryway to the park. Here guests will immediately take a step back in time to Main Street USA which will capture the excitement, friendliness and energy of a community gathering place. Designed after an old-fashioned small town, Main Street includes shops and restaurants and serves as the stage for live entertainment and parades as well as special events celebrating the local culture.

Fantasyland Concept - Fantasyland is the magical home of Disney animated characters and stories. Here guests can fly to Neverland with Peter Pan, take a spin in a teacup, play in the undersea world with the Little Mermaid, and even climb aboard colorfully decorated horses on an old fashioned carousel.

Toontown Concept - Toontown is a wacky upside-down world where the beloved Disney characters live and play. Here guests might be transported into a three dimensional cartoon and meet one-on-one with Mickey Mouse. They will stroll through Minnie's house, bounce off the walls at Goofy's house, climb around Donald's boat or zip through the Toontown countryside on a whimsical roller coaster.

Adventureland Concept - Adventureland is a thrilling journey to exotic regions of exploration, adventure and discovery. Here guests will leave the safe haven of a North African Bazaar and venture into a wild untamed world or take a roller coaster ride through a dark jungle filled with mysterious surprises. They can explore an ancient dinosaur archeological site, voyage to a whole new world aboard a soaring magic carpet or experience a live show featuring the music and characters from Disney classics such as the "The Lion King."

Frontierland Concept - Frontierland is a walk right into the American Old West of the 1880s. Here park guests explore a frontier outpost at Fort Comstock. They might also take a frightfully funny trip through a haunted mansion, shoot the rapids on a river raft ride, or experience for themselves just how tough it is to be a bug in a one-of-a-kind show.

Tomorrowland Concept - Tomorrowland is a world of the future, filled with sci-fi fantasies and soaring space adventures. Here guests will journey to infinity and beyond as they join Buzz Lightyear to save the universe from the evil Emperor Zurg or blast off on a high-speed journey into outer space and pilot their own spinning spacecraft. They might also take a leisurely drive through the landscape of tomorrow and frolic in a futuristic water fountain.


Note: The project overview encompasses the initial phase of the development. The resort site has potential for future development.

Note that 126 hectares are only 311 acres- less than 10% the size of Euro Disney.

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